About Us

Kimberly and Gerry Rivas - Owners of The Rivas Insurance Group
Kimberly and Gerry Rivas - Owners of The Rivas Insurance Group

The Rivas Group started around a family dinner table, talking about having a family business and serving clients as they were family. The Rivas Family worked for different financial industries. Gerry worked in the insurance industry for almost 8 years. He started in healthcare and slowly transitioned into selling insurance. Kimberly worked at different south Florida credit unions and has 10 years of experience in personal banking. Together they are a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to finances and financial services.

Gerry loved where he worked, the agency owner was a mentor and always encouraging him to one day own his own insurance agency. The agency where Gerry worked was also a family ran agency, and Gerry loved it! He was inspired to see the relationships that were built with clients over the years and how much love there was for their clients and truly protecting them. Gerry knew he would want the same thing one day for his family. Gerry’s mentor and boss told him he was going to retire and would be selling the agency. It was at then that Gerry realized he needed to branch out and start his own business.

Kimberly over 10 years grew from a teller to a personal banker during her career working for credit unions. Kimberly was a top producer at her branch and has won many achievements both internally, and state wide for her knowledge of the financial products to offer her clients, and the quality of customer service she provided. Kimberly was growing in her field and reaching many milestones. As well as her career was going, she felt like there was more she could do, but was limited to only what the bank could offer and what her position would allow her to do.

Together Gerry, Kimberly, and the rest of the Rivas Family knew they would have to take a risk and become entrepreneurs and open The Rivas Group. Their Insurance agency was opened in 2019, but they do not just help you with your insurance needs. The Rivas Group has built connections with other small business in South Florida that can help you with all your needs. From personal finances and insurance, to needing help with your mortgage, selling or buying a home, and many more! When you work with The Rivas Group you do not just get the special care like if you were family, you also join our family and now have many connections for all your needs.