COVID-19 Can’t STOP Us!

2020 is not how anyone thought it would be. It was supposed to be a new start. A start to a new decade, new adventures, and all positives! Instead we have a Global Pandemic and we are in the active part of hurricane season. Oh, and there is a presidential election, but the president is currently trying to move the election so let’s see how that goes. 
Although nobody saw this coming, 2020 isn’t at its end. it’s not over yet, so hang on! We still have the rest of the year. We have 4 more months of the year left, let’s take advantage! Lets talk things out, plan things out, live things out! We have been stuck in our homes too long.  it’s time to grow! It’s time to reinvent ourselves, it’s time to do something different, to be the best. We need to do what we promised back in 2019. We cannot quit or give up. 
This year was hard for us too. If we look back, there could be a lot of negatives. It would be easy to reflect on the financial hardships and how we haven’t made any income since December 2019. We can think of all the positive strides we were doing to grow our business; and how a Global Pandemic can literally make our business do a 180 in the opposite direction. We can think of the friends and family members we have lost during this time of isolation and how we cannot mourn with them. But that’s not all that has happened. 
This year we are growing our family! We have a baby on the way, and we are so excited to welcome him into the world! We have seen the joy and excitement this has brought to our family; and we can’t wait to see when he gets here how everyone will react. We have reinvented ourselves and we are moving forward in our business.  We have another source of income that helps us maintain our personal bills. We have made new business relationships to help us grow. We have seen friends and family recover from Covid-19 as well as other illnesses. We have connected with family more with all the time we have. We actually have time now! Too much time really.
The Time that we have we cannot let it go to waste. We have to use it for good, for positives. We need to move forward. It won’t be easy, and it’s certainly scary. But if we don’t try to do what makes us uncomfortable we will never move forward. We won’t grow to who we want to be. What we want to be. Don’t let 2020 go by like if it was just another year. Let it still be that fresh start. So what if 6 months into it we need another fresh new start. Take 2020 for what it is; learn, grow, and go out there and do it. 
We hope to grow with you here at The Rivas Insurance Group. We want to serve you like family. 
Gerry and Kimberly Rivas
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