Powersports Insurance

With a Powersports Insurance policy with The Rivas Insurance Group, your power toys will always be well covered.

Why a powersports insurance policy?

As adults we like having gadgets that make our life be filled with adventure and adrenaline. With a powersports insurance policy we help you insure your weekend activity sport toys, so you don’t need to worry and just have FUN! – Contact us. We will help!

Some benefits of having a powersports insurance policy include:

  • Many insurance policies offer the benefit of replacement cost coverage
  • After any accident it is important to replace your safety gear
  • May provide extensive coverage against the cost of breakdowns due to mechanical defects to all vehicle components
  • May cover engine, transmission, steering, suspension, breaking and electrical systems, and more.

Some of the gadgets covered by your powersports insurance policy are:


You Love your Bike. Whether it is an on- or off-road bike, here at The Rivas group we understand that urge to hit the open road. Let us cover you and your love for adventure.


Don't let a mishap ruin your fun on the water. Make sure your boat as the protection you can trust. We provide the customized boat coverage you need at an affordable price!

Personal Watercrafts

What better feeling is there than racing on the open water? Let us cover your adrenaline rush powersport and just have fun!

Motor Homes (RV)

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey. Take your RV on long road trips and let us cover you everywhere you go.


Muddy roads never stop you before. So why let poor coverage ruin your fun? Cover your weekend ride and mud on.

Golf Carts

The open field and green cut grass are the perfect place for this cart not your garage! Get the coverage you need and yell FORE!


Does it Snow in Florida? Never. But taking a trip to the Poconos Mountains shouldn't keep you from protecting your winter sport.

Motorcycle with Powertoys Insurance by Rivas Insurance Group