Renters Insurance

With a Renters Insurance policy with The Rivas Insurance Group, as a tenant or as a landlord, you will always be well covered.

A Renters Insurance policy covers what you care about for just a few dollars a month. Home is where you keep the things that matter to you. It can help you protect your valuables when bad scenarios happen. There’s a lot worth protecting within the walls of your place. If there’s a fire or theft, your landlord’s insurance policy may not cover your possessions.  Contact us. We will help!

Happy Couple with Renters Insurance by Rivas Insurance Group

Renters Insurance Benefits as a Tenant

Some of the benefits are being covered against:

  • Hotel costs after a disaster
  • Medical expenses for injured guests
  • Damage you or your kid cause to others
  • Legal costs if you’re sued
  • Dog bites
  • Stuff you’ve rented or borrowed
  • Belongings away from home
  • Items lost from theft
  • Items lost because of fire.

Renters Insurance Benefits as a Landlord

Some of the benefits as a landlord are being covered against:

  • It reduces your legal, financial, and personal responsibility
  • It covers your insurance deductible
  • It mitigates legal issues
  • It helps you screen tenants

Personal Property Coverage

Covers your personal belongings if they're stolen or destroyed by a fire, theft or other covered peril. It includes things like clothing, furniture, your laptop and other electronics.

Reimbursed Living Expenses

Helps pay for your increased living costs if a covered loss makes your home uninhabitable. That typically includes things like food and a temporary place to live.

Liability Coverage

Covers legal expenses, medical bills and other damages if someone gets injured at your place and sues you.