Success is a project that is always under construction

Everything seems to be under construction right now. John Galt’s corporate office is currently under construction. It’s looking beautiful, very modern but not yet finished. Life feels this way right now as well. Starting over and working on myself. Feeling good, looking good but not finished yet. Maybe you are feeling the same.

Do you feel like that this week? Do you feel like you are working hard to get better? Like you are ready to go out into the world with nothing to lose, but you’re not 100% done getting the YOU ready? Its OK! Maybe this is your first week back to school. Maybe its your first week back to work, or a hybrid going in a few days and working from home the others. Maybe you are switching jobs and gave yourself a week to prepare, distress and go into your new job feeling fresh. Whatever it is you are getting ready for; get ready to go out there feeling good about YOU and who you are becoming.

These past few months being locked away inside has been terrible. Some of us have gained weight. Some have lost weight. Some have lost hope of returning to normal. While others are starting over. But I think we are all looking at how to end the year better than how it started. It just depends on your attitude. If I have learned anything this past year, it’s this: no matter what, we need to stay positive. There are so many negative things out there that if we dwell in that too long, we will be depressed forever. Climb out of the whole of negative and depressive thoughts.

Get out of bed and shower. NOW JUST GO OUT THERE! (don’t literally just go out, please wear your face masks and stay safe) Don’t worry about not being ready. If we all are waiting for something to be perfect to start nothing would ever get done. My wife hates when I say it, but I think its so true. Sometimes you must make a mess to organize. Life is a little messy right now, great! Get ready to be organized and plow forward.

Maybe we can’t physically go out and do something. But are you using social media to grow and better yourself? Whether it’s a blog, personal brand, business; using social media has never been more important. Update your LinkedIn and start connecting with people. Trust me, people have time now and are staring at their phones all day hoping something interesting comes up on the phone. Tweet positive, update your Facebook and share what’s going on. Its not always a perfect process, sometimes you need to make a mess in order to get organized.

“Success is a protect that is always under construction” -Pat Summitt

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