Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today!

Our first week with John Galt has been great. We have been learning and practicing a lot this week on homeowner’s insurance and their management system. These two things are the most detailed in insurance and the most important to get right because they take up so much time. It took a lot of brain power, and it drains you to review literally hundreds of details. We have gone slow but have learned a lot in this short week. We are so excited to start quoting homes though all over the state of Florida!

Why did we join John Galt? We decided we wanted to help as many people as we could. We did not want to be limited on the clients we can help, and we wanted to give as many options as we could. Sometimes when an agent is captive (only represents one company) he/she must follow only one companies guidelines. That means that a captive agent would have a client they are trying to market to specifically. As an independent agent, because of the multitude of options we have we really can market and try to help every person we come in contact. It does not mean we will always win the business, but we can always sit and talk and understand your needs and see how we can help. Those are two different options to go with as an agent, one is not necessarily worse than the other; they are just different. As an entrepreneur you must see which is better for you at the time of entering the world of insurance.

Who is John Galt? The name, John Galt, originated from a character in a book called Atlas Shrugged written by Ayn Rand. The principles from the book that the agency was named after are: Objective Reality, Reason and Individual Rights. Jim and Christi Rudd purchased the agency back in 1989 from its original owner Wade Everhart. The history of this agency dates all the way back to 1956! As big, and old as the agency is, Kimberly and I love the fact that this
is still a family business and ran like a family business. Once you join John Galt, they treat you like you are family. This aligned so well with our morals that it was an easy decision to move forward and join.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” -Tim Fargo

Gerry Rivas at John Galt
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